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hello again!

today the rainy weather in philadelphia finally broke, and its all golden sunlight and crispy air. i love philly in the fall. its been almost a full year here and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

i finally added my printmaking page! expect more pics to come.

if you need something screenprinted, i am taking commission print work! just click the contact me button above or on my printmaking page.

i do small runs on shirts and other textiles at my home studio. i can do up to three colors for garments, and i am finally cleared to use the risograph printer in my area! so exciting.

for the real shoegazers, check out my swirlies shrine lol.

went on a walk by the wissa this week, in the mist. had a lot of good conversation and feeling very connected to nature these days. go outside more if you can. also been rewatching naruto shippuden... great show

on the band front:

i am still pretty pleased with how our "new klonoa inspired shirts" came out. thank you to everyone at electronicon and everyone who snagged one on bandcamp friday. i truly really appreciate it. working on reprints (and new colorways) now. as well as new music. likely a november release.

our show in troy, ny got cancelled today, but don't be sad, because we are opening for DIIV on 11/7 at the roxian in mckees rocks (this is outside of pittsburgh, pa). we got two more shows to be announced on 10/17 and 11/18. november and december will be big months...

dont forget to leave a message below and say hi if youre just passing by. if you like my site, please snag my button on the left there! all i ask is that you link it to this page!

xoxo cass

posted at 27 september 2023