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hello again!

long time, no update. been so busy these days... we went out on the road with george clanton for an entire month and it was great. i never get tired hearing his music, always so fresh and powerful. jack played drums for the entire run with him too, which is crazy amounts of double-dutying. we saw the solar eclipse and went to florida and i observed many, many new birds and plants. ♡

i didnt even update yall but julia's war fest came and went this weekend. we spent basically the last two weeks building and programming a light show and now that its over, i dreamt i would have a day off or so. but we've got plenty more work to do. it was so great to see so many friends this weekend and just lose yourself in a great set by a great fucking band. ♡

coming home from a month-long tour for the second time in a six month period has got me thinking a lot about my relationship to routine / schedules. tour is so regimented and repetitive. it is so important to rest and get solo time while you're on the road because you truly only have so much time in each day, and most of your day is spent in the car or in the strangest room to ever exist in a venue. take a walk and be back exactly before 5:30pm.

tour also reminds me how important it is to be nice to others and yourself. every goal is shared. you are on a mission sent with your bandmates into the great unknown.... the trust and communication you cultivate with the ones bonded to you through music will carry you through all obstacles.

our next show will be june 22nd at TV Eye in new york city. this show is really exciting to us as it is being sponsored by YEAR0001.all of us fuck with club casualities and purelink was a tour van staple, great music to drive long distances to. highly recommend listening to this while driving through the arizona desert... butterfly jam is also a total banger

after that, we'll be opening for les savy fav on june 29th at union transfer (that's one way to get out of working tickets for the night)

then of course we will be opening for DIIV and Horse Jumper of Love on the final leg of the Frog in Boiling Water release tour. their podcast is pretty good too

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rest in peace aaron bushnell, free palestine

xoxo cass

posted at 19 may 2024